Lund Languages Produced Langenscheidt

The Cologne translation service has a set of self-access created for Swedish Cologne translation agency of Lund languages for the Langenscheidt KG the ‘practical language course in Swedish”created, appeared in the late summer of this year. It was the first collaboration with the Berlin Publishing House, which is the market leader in Germany in the area of bilingual dictionaries for Lund languages. “Langenscheidt has come to about one and a half years ago with the project on us,” Lund tells Holger Muller, Managing Director of languages “we pretty quickly got together and by the publishing house get some specifications, we had to comply with. “Otherwise we could organize quite freely about itself – of course with regular agreements and feedback on both sides.” Two free author and a lecturer from the House of Lund languages have created the German – and Swedish-speaking parts of the course, researched images and organizes the recordings with native speakers. One is for the studio recordings of the hearing and voice training Employee of Lund languages travelled to Munich, to organize the operations on the ground there. Come out is a course with a strong textbook 15 lessons, a companion book and three CDs. future further co-operations are not excluded. “The cooperation was super and Langenscheidt has given us also the feedback, that they were very satisfied,” Holger Muller, reported “If the Publisher has once more similar projects, he will return to us.” Background: Lund languages Lund languages offers professional translations for companies, associations and public sector clients since its inception in the spring of 2007. For this purpose, the Cologne-based company cooperates with 450 qualified mother tongue professional translators and translators all over the world. The majority of the customers comes from industry, trade and media.

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