Luis Fernando Rodriguez

In those Edwin changes Hernandez it looked for positive aspects, as for example it hopes that with that new fusion programs of incentives and stimuli of effects are obtained collaterals that allow to bring more investments to Nayarit. Queremos to understand that this announcement, on the one hand, will generate that optimism in a matter of thinning the structure and having more effective functional relations. We are going thus to understand it in Nayarit, limited. The CRISIS All we suffer world-wide the economic crisis, perhaps but the sectors are those that feel plus it. If to the decreases we go away, those that lose million are they.

The public transport is one of that they take one of the fattest slices of this pie, mainly the one of Nayarit, where from the 2004 it handles the same tariffs in taxis, combis and urban trucks, even though that the fuels always go to the rise. And it is not that to the carriers one forgets to them to request increase, rather are cautious not to affect the user. Nevertheless, by the end of this year or at the beginning of the next one they will request to the state Government nonincrease but it fits to the tariffs, same that by law would have to occur every year. This time, the carriers in voice of the acaspenista leader Luis Fernando Rodriguez will request the revision so that the result is lent to negotiations with the government. This will be detonated, partly, thanks to budget and to the package of fiscal initiatives that President Felipe Caldern sent to the Congress of the Union, in that increases in the taxes of fuels are considered. Fernando said to Luis who don’t mention it serves that right now they increase the tariffs to them if in the 2010 they will request another readjustment. Better we hoped to that the budget is approved and we will already see as will enter the year, expressed.

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