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It will be necessary to fit the image to suppress that limitation, to redefine it completely, or to risk to follow with an image that only represents part of the activity. When it agrees to make the change: 1. When an important expansion is anticipated and the strategy is planned. For example when a company of services to professionals decides to extend and to give direct service to the consumers. Or when a company of direct sale decides to extend and to sell through distributors. As soon as the new activity acquires the sufficient importance in the set of the company. For example, when a company that exports occasionally increases the volume of its exports.

Many companies create independent units of business or marks, for example to commercialize different products, or in different channels, or different segments of price. It can be that the diversification goes too much far, that no longer serves, or that some line of business is contracted, reason why the company decides to reincorporate a secondary mark to the main mark. When this happens, it is necessary to adapt two images: the one of the secondary mark, during a time of transition until the clients have accepted the change of mark, and the main mark, to accept new line. When a company has been diversified too much, it can decide to focus itself in a part of his business and of coming off itself the rest. For example, it can leave the distributing channel and concentrate in the direct sale. Or to conserve a single line of products. Or to focus to a market niche. – If its company already is in one of these situations, and sees that it needs to renew his image, it comes to LogoRapid: we are specialistic in the design and redesign of logos of companies. For more information, it visits Original author and source of the article.

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