Lockheed and the Missile Wing Concept

Smart Missiles are expensive, but effective. Efficiency in the new paradigm of network centric warfare will give results to pay attention and keep your assets. Clayton Morris does not necessarily agree. I propose adding to the area of the new wing of Lockheed Martin Marietta Loitering Missile to allow a maximum of vagrancy in the battlefield and for the safe recovery possible without damage in the event you want to retrieve this ultra smart munitions because lack of targets available. In the wing is deployed, has been awarded a tissue, which is inflated through the air of RAM and then close. This would allow the missile to stop and glide on the conservation of fuel for rockets ten levels of the rocket containing system. In its assent for the lower goal would be to get rid of the straps, which float to Earth to send live video of the goal of killing and self-destruct upon landing via incineration.

I like to see this ammunition see its potential and become a symbol of peacekeeping for the world free, warning that rogue nations hostile action is unacceptable from today in this current period and those involved in sponsoring international terrorism will be deleted immediately. We must win the war against international terrorism and states that sponsor. If no target is the weapon back and fill the land of the ten levels of rockets and boats to replace the rocket fuel, download the USB port memory with full power of video for future training and locking VR and cargo and fly again. It’s time to win the war against terrorism through technology by using the absolute best talent and know how. It should be.

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