Living Universe

It all happened exactly like this: penetrated the cosmic egg – the egg and the sperm was the reason of the Big Bang which started the formation of our universe. As a result of the explosion really happened releasing huge amounts of energy, but not this huge, to initiate the formation of such a vast universe. Formed and released during the explosion energy is not simply flew to the side, she spent quite some time that shaped the energy body, which later became to form the physical body in a parallel dimension. Since the beginning of its existence fertilized egg, when the energy begins to form matter, there is a redistribution of energy, and create a power structure or some sort of energy skeleton. Under construction Energy skeleton as its structure, leading to its increase all the time grows and mutates, which gradually leads to the development and formation of a fertilized egg a human embryo, and then the man himself. Each of us exists on this planet, and calls himself a man is an exact replica, but the decrease in the many millions of times that the physical body, aura, or energy body, which we Living on Earth, we call the cosmos or the universe.

I am sure that sooner or later, or our foreign scientists will confirm all my words written here. In the meantime, scientists like to observe that the universe, reaching its maximum expansion, will then roll up to a point. As I hope you already understand the beginning of this process is possible only when the physical body, which belongs to the energy body – the universe, cease to exist. But to predict when this happens, we can not. In addition, ending his life, the present, the expansion of the universe, for quite some time, can exist with constant boundaries when its energy body will only slightly decrease and increase. The lifetime of the Universe with permanent borders if correlated with the average duration of human life on earth can a 3 – 4 times exceed the time of its rapid expansion.

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