Living Life To The Fullest

And our conscious and unconscious will implement. Uncertainty, that's what we're doing – doing it right. Someone from the celebrities said: "If I had the opportunity to live this life again, I would make more mistakes. " If we do something wrong – it is our fault, but in exchange we will get invaluable experience. Fears. There are several ways to overcome them.

For example, a live situation: the fear height – to jump into the rope-jumping or skydiving, fear, fight – to enter the ring in the section. The fear will not disappear, it becomes more manageable. Imbalance levels. Harmony – a combination of 4 levels: physical, emotional, spiritual, mental. Look, if enough attention is paid to your life each of them.

And now the main: 1. If you do not set ambitious goals to blow our brains – the energy will not. Set goals on the verge of comfort. Then anticipation of achieving a fantastic goal will give us the energy today. Our dreams – it's actually our most ambitious goals. "It's all dreams," "Well, you and a dreamer" – sometimes say to me. And I still continue to dream this is my choice. And what you choose? 2. If we do not know why we live, our unconscious is paraphrased in "why live?" To realize its mission, role in the world and do something that pulls. Find a way to make money on the fact that like (works from the "love making"). 3. Everyone benefits from the fact that we – and zomboroboty somnambulists, as long as we forget about it. As soon as we remember – we wake up and start to build their lives, to be the author of his life. Create NOW. HERE AND NOW. We certainly can postpone it for tomorrow, after tomorrow. Just has not come yet convenient time, is not it? Here comes osenzimavesnaleto, and I'll do with his life. You can continue to work on hated the work, drinking beer while lying in tele and watching another show. This is our life and it can be such too. That's only then we will have to pay for this disease, decrepitude and infirmity. Receive alms from the state yogurt with baguette and growl at the world. 4. Bad food, things from the "hate" routine discomfort and kill us. You create your life. Make it clean. 5. If we do not manage your life, for us it makes someone else. You do not set up his business – he created someone close. You hesitate to take on his life – it will get someone else. You put something on then – then no. A good way to kill your life – do it all again tomorrow. Forward! But TODAY. HERE AND NOW. What else can you do: – write a positive reality of every day. Every slight positive event in my life. Reread again and again. – To do things from the list of "likes" – do breathing exercises – "Eat the frog" (do what the long-delayed) – to eat: Do not eat more than you need to eat more fibrous foods to reduce fat intake – watch a movie that motivates you – read a book that motivates you and most importantly … .. act. HERE AND NOW. In spite of the circumstances, weather, surroundings, "crisis", depression, failure. JUST DO IT! PS: After this writing, I went to do push-ups. And what did YOU? Buy the necessary skills in this area on my training and get an interesting and useful information – on my website and blog.

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