Lirefa Production PLC

The years Kickoffrede of the Vorstandsvoritzenden of which advance to Lirea protection PLC dear and dear readers, I inform you that I am pleased about your interest in our company! We have used us since company inception aimed to realize attractive returns and also to make a contribution to tackling global challenges such as climate change, growing world population, food shortages and the finiteness of fossil energy sources. With the expansion of our activities with regard to the licensing of patented Lirefa fiber, we wish to drive not only the commitment in the key markets of Asia, China, and Russia to the front, but also southern Europe is the activities, eweitern India and Pakistan. Further, I am pleased to announce that we also continue our environmental commitment to the front and plan further research in the area of binders and concretes with optimized features and innovative functionalities. Particularly I am to be able to inform me that the year 2012 remain in the character of the development of licensing agreements. The activities in Turkey are more focused and the licensing business in Japan, India, and Pakistan is drastically accelerated now due to the current disaster events. Research on the development of patent protected LIREFA fiber for large-scale use in industries, historically protected objects and use in earthquake danger zones are for the second and third quarters.

For our product research and our planned production to win new recruits and trainees, was and is an important issue for us for many years. We are therefore also clarify our plans to develop of a corporate Academy to our plans of own vocational and trainee Department. We will expand our efforts and our commitment to a family-friendly cooperation in operation in the year 2012, because the satisfaction of our employees and their permanent attachment to our company are one of our primary Building blocks of our success. We want to combine further a commercially successful trading natural integration of sustainability aspects in 2012 in all our business processes – from the analysis to the creation of the concept to the manufacture and sale of up to customer service. I’m for our company, our shareholders and partners engage me still together with the Management Board, continuously improve our products and services, and protect the environment. I thank all involved also in the last year back to the success of our company all shareholders and customers, employees and staff, business partners and consultants! From London the Board greets you on behalf of the entire Board of Directors welcome

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