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The successful cooperation which is renowned companies continue now both companies look back on 5 experience-rich years of constructive cooperation. During this time, she learned much, have grown together, and could develop successfully by focusing on the core competences. This interaction is now common, powerful in the future. At that time, the successful company Hunter decided GmbH from Leopold height, to give that since more than of high quality accessories for dogs, cats and horses specializing in 30 years making all logistical requirements with confidence into the hands of LOEWE of logistics & care GmbH & co. KG, in the nearby Herford, who dog and riding apparel.

This year, it was again time to lift the cooperation to a new level and to make all of the processes in question. Drum check who forever binds”(Friedrich Schiller, 1799) is a significant phrase, as extremely long bindings in the rapidly developing logistics industry rare phenomenon have become. Therefore we are pleased all the more that we again could convince our customers of our service range and continue the successful partnership. All processes were tailored to the needs of Hunter, as well as to changing market needs”, explains managing director Kerstin Liefting lion. In the negotiations, all processes were critically to design the optimum, future solution.

So, for example, the processing time was shortened to optimally supply the trade with high-quality and exclusive products for dog, cat and horse. This helps us especially the experience and detailed knowledge of the product of the employees who were taken over at the beginning of a collaboration between Hunter”, so Liefting. CO2 savings through new lighting at the logistical optimization never stops it at LOEWE logistics & care. With the new lighting of the Herford-Elverdissen site may in the future just 74 t-harmful CO2 be saved in a year. Furthermore, the concept of reusability of packaging was applied to a portion of used cardboard boxes. It is both Hunter and lion very close to the heart to make the logistics processes. Together we will achieve secure the objectives”, Kerstin Liefting is looking forward to further cooperation.

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