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Be honest: the customer can feel whether or not done something for him. Broadcast expertise: Produktseitig: this concerns the current product range, the interplay of products with other products, the preview of tomorrow’s innovations, which fit to what today is looking for the customer. Customer: what is the customer for a guy? What he needs now, and what does he need tomorrow? What moves him, what words and examples can you pick him? Convincing: How good is the reasoning? What facts are the arguments deposited? Are these logical and comprehensible. Will talk too much or too little? Find sentiment in conversation: able to read between the lines? What is important to the customer, what not is it? Thrill he wants to satisfy with the purchase? What other products could this feeling are served even better? Confidence is the key selling talking in a good sales pitch of the seller in the customer feels and can advise him this best. But This empathy allows only the customer, if he is willing to put his trust in the seller.

Confidence is thus not only the key to the heart of the customer, without the trust would be possible an optimal advice nor a sustainable customer loyalty. Customer loyalty leads to the next visit if the trust relationship to the seller’s right, is show up ready, more products and services each customer when he actually needed at the moment and wants to buy. Thus you can during this visit already laying the foundations for the next sales call and encourage customers to consider what he could buy at the next visit. And this yearning can be awakened after a further visit here and today. Think of your favorite Italian: here guests already when the Goodbye on the next visit. FYI: Christian Kalkbrenner Dipl.

kfm. (univ.), restructured numerous companies and helped them with powerful market concepts to new successes. He is author, consultant, Manager, speaker and since many years expert for growth. in 1992, he founded the eponymous consulting firm headquartered in Lindau. It is focused on, to advise companies on growth issues, to accompany and to implement operationally the joint concepts. “Contact: KALKBRENNER – consulting Christian Kalkbrenner / holder Gstaudweg 72 88131 Lindau Tel. 0 83 82-409 301 fax 0 83 82-409-302 E-Mail: current books Roland Alter, Christian Kalkbrenner: the growth champions made in Germany better than the competition”, BusinessVillage Verlag Gottingen Sept 2010 (ISBN: 978-3-869800-63-9). Price: 29.80 euros. “Christian Kalkbrenner: high-speed-marketing in just 7 days to a resounding market approach”, BusinessVillage Verlag Gottingen 2009 (ISBN: 978-3-938358-98-6) price: 24.80 euros. “Christian Kalkbrenner, Ralf bearing farmer: the bamboo code grow faster than the competition”, BusinessVillage-Verlag, Gottingen 2008 (ISBN: 978-3-938358-75-7). Price: 21,80 EUR

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