Liability Check For IT Professionals

BITMi e. V. and IT – review free the liability and security situation by IT companies. The Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand e. V. (BITMi) and IT liability medium-sized IT companies offer a new service: the partners have developed a liability check to the uncomplicated and fast examination of liability and security situation by IT professionals. Works very easy after answering the questions of the questionnaire and the copy of the existing liability insurance the experts of IT be sent this. The questionnaire includes questions on the conditions of the contract, components of property and liability insurance, the type and the usage areas of products, policies, etc.

The liability check can be requested via E-Mail at. The advice of the specialists help realistically assess your liability situation and points to possible gaps in insurance”, as Dr. Oliver Grun, Board BITMi e. V., this Service is a further step in the cooperation between BITMi e. V. and IT A framework agreement was signed in February 2009, offers a full protection on reasonable terms of Association members and goes far beyond the general public liability in his achievements. The framework agreement with the product NetIT offers”of the specialist insurer Hiscox maximum protection: an all-risk cover, which covers, for example, also damages or lost profits of customer, as well as a passive legal protection cover.

To provide a best possible protection to members of the Association, considered BITMi e. V. the insurance products according to strict quality criteria and thus took over the selection process for the members. We opted for cooperation with IT we decided, because the know-how will appreciate the idea of service and the good characteristics of the insurance product, “as Dr. Grun. In addition, a corresponding property damage liability insurance is for “Members provided to the BITMi seal of approval for the IT-Mittelstand” for the services or products. The seal of the Federation represents a guarantee for the quality and reliability of a medium-sized IT company for customers and providing competitive advantages. IT companies report from practice, that in awarding jobs increasingly on the quality of the IT service provider is respected. Here, the seal of approval of the BITMi e.V. and the evidence of an extensive liability cover are helpful. Insufficient insurance coverage means an incalculable risk for IT companies. The statistics of the IT world are sobering: according to a survey by IAG consulting, 68 percent of all IT projects fail, even reported that 80 per cent of IT projects as planned are implemented. A pan-European Capgemini study from November 2008 also showed that 96 percent of all IT projects not in the schedule, and 91% within the budget have been completed. Quick can a high damage incorrect software implementation or by accidental deletion of data occur during a maintenance. A property damage liability insurance is needed to cover these so-called financial losses. Only in the event of a claim, IT companies provide that the scope of the insurance is not sufficient. Because the differences in quality of the offerings in the cluttered market of IT insurance are great. So that it doesn’t come, it is important to check whether the scope of the insurance is equal to the current situation in a timely manner. Michaela Meurer

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