It goes down to 3,000 points, I would buy the next installment. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Lanai island. At 3,000 points also. In March 2003 it was the Word shares or stock in public no longer in the Take mouth. No one wanted to talk to one about stocks or stock market. That was the time when the DAX three years has lost more than 70%. Many have run away from the stock market at that time and have turned their backs on the stock exchange. The biggest mistake you can make. Andrew Duncan has firm opinions on the matter.

You never forget: so as it goes up, it goes down. So how it goes down as well, so it goes back steeper upward. That was the opportunity in 2003 and will be again this time. Who has invested time in March 2003 in a DAX ETF, could achieve leisurely 300% profit within five years, without once having to have bought a single share. Let’s say you have invested in the year 2003 10,000 euros in a DAX ETF, then you’ve had 2007 40,000 euros tax-free profits on the account in the year. Now remove the profits and can be use in the DAX ETF. Should it go to the top, you take this still.

They have patience and again join 4,000 points with 10,000 euros. At 3,000 and 2,000 each with 10,000 euros. Now leave quite simply back money and if the DAX at 10,000 points (he will in the next few years), then you have made almost 100,000 euros within a few years from 10,000 euros without act once with shares. For this reason I would like to introduce you to the two different DAX ETFs you. You can even put on the DAX, rising and once on a falling DAX. If the DAX to 10%, you can achieve even more than 10% profit, because transactions with falling prices, the money is not really invested, but is applied as money. You will get this even interest. It is also the advantage, when the DAX goes up 10%, while they have used on falling prices, only about losing 7%, because you get the interest, which are included in the ETF. DAX ETF: WKN DBX1DA speculation on rising DAX short DAX: WKN DBX1DS speculation on falling DAX conclusion: If you have any questions, you can write like a mail. We could discuss this in my show money money. I’ll let you very happy! Markus Leicester

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