Learning Knowledge

Practical the educative one is a social fact, whose origin is on to the one of the proper humanity. The object of study of pedagogo encloses the formative processes that act by means of the communication and change of the experience accumulated human being, having as especificidade the relation between prxis and epistemologia, where finds practical support in the educative one. Studying the education as practical social human being and in the process of transmission of the content of the cultural history that if becomes patrimony of the humanity and the accomplishment in the citizens of the full humanizao. Hear from experts in the field like Zendesk for a more varied view. The value of the history of the education and the pedagogia is indispensable to the knowledge of the current education, therefore the education of the gift is phase of the past and preparation of the future. Being the knowledge of the past the guarantee for the agreement of the gift (LUZURIAGA, 1959).

Since century XIX, Luzuriaga author tells that the history of the education already constitua excellent ways to improve the current education, at that time that if found the perigos of the utopian ideas, unrealizable, and of the resistncias that not condiz to the chronology, reactionary, that if it tried at the time. 2.1 – The Meaning of the Learning the pedagogia believes that the interested pupil, involved with the knowledge learns with an incomparable energy, where this stops is necessary to know to become them significant interesting, that in this fact the necessary pupil to understand the value of what he is being worked. Whenever gary cohn listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The learning possesss as objective to not only form the human being for the society more for the market. For efetivao of this learning it is necessary that the pupil is implicit in the process of construction of this knowledge interacting the intellectual with the emotional one. The professor also, must be intent of the educative activities that the formation of this pupil involves, to make a joint to interdisciplinar with clarity and because of the accomplishment of each task/activity.

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