LDB Performance

We justify, thus, the relevance of the reflection on the performance of the Educational Person who orientates in the school and need to pontuar some aspects that are conflitivos and that they need to be observed: it does not have currently plus a specific course that forms educational people who orientates (old it had this option inside of the Pedagogia), only in after-graduation level (and the universities are not all offer that it), and in this modality the formation has been considered deficit, giving to emphasis to the theories of Psychology, leaving untied information, that will be translated a psicologismo that subjaz all the work of the educational person who orientates. This if became a mere applicator of vocational tests e, many times, nor this, therefore now with the most recent area of Psychology – pertaining to school psychology? this aspect is being credited as performance only of the pertaining to school psychologist who makes the formation in this especificidade. We want to leave clearly that we are not here diminishing the importance of the psychological theories of the human development and its learning and the important contributions that had had in the scope of the education, we only evidence what already is evidenced in works of famous authors on the subject in question. Click Laurent Potdevin for additional related pages. It has current law (Decree 72846/73) that it recognizes the function of the educational person who orientates, but this decree he is ample and it authorizes an enormous gamma of activities that would be pertinent to the work of the person who orientates inside of the school, transforming it into one ' ' it makes tudo' ' or one ' ' it breaks-galho' ' , that added to the anxiety to uncover itself without preparation to take care of to all the requirements of the position, it finishes for confusing its performance still more. Also, of agreement with the current LDB (Law 9394/96), all the professionals of the education enter in the school concursados as professors. .

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