Lawyers Specialist

Business can not function effectively without a strong legal support. However, cost reduction, as a rule, begins with reducing the costs of lawyers. Why exactly is a lawyer? The answer to this question lies in a wise folklore office plankton: 'Do you want to bury it – trust a lawyer. " One problem is the same. People often think that a lawyer, but as a physician, should know the answer to any question of legal subjects, whether economic (Contract), marital or professional law. Commending the work of a lawyer, he has prepared a document or report, we must understand that this work should carry out a professional – someone who is a specialist in the branch of law. Our expectations are to get the highest quality service from the 'specialist generalist' priznachny well as qualified medical advice on sight at the reception of a surgeon. How does this can be achieved in the face of shrinking budgets and cost optimization? By complete or partial transfer of a function of legal support for business operations, providing legal services in a professional basis.

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