Latin America

(WALLERSTEIN, 1999, P. 225). As it can be observed in the exposition of Wallerstein, the process of substitution of importation for some time gave resulted, because the national markets had answered satisfactorily to the process of substitution of importation. However, at the beginning of the decade of 1960, the model already gave to signals of exhaustion due the inelasticidade of the national markets, mainly in the lesser economies. Only, Brazil, Mexico and Argentina had obtained to pass exactly of the first stadium of industrialization for the size of its domestic markets.

To advance itself in the industrial process, it would be basic to possess ampler markets, in order to produce the costs reasonable, using the scale economies. The Latin American market could be the base for the development. The industries, mainly of tip technology, would have advance perspectives, if they counted on a regional market as sustentation base. ' ' The economic integration would bring, for Latin America, chances of investment, efficient and competitive production, which had to the ample market for industrialized products. (MENEZES, 1990, P. 18). Treated to Montevidu and the creation of the ALALC the Latin American governing ' ' persuadidos' ' of that the magnifying of the current dimensions of the national markets, through the gradual elimination of the barriers to the intra-regional commerce, constitutes basic condition so that the countries of Latin America can speed up its process of economic development of form to assure one better level of life for its peoples; Vain of whom the reinforcement of the national economies would contribute for the increment of the commerce of the Latin American countries between itself and with the remaining portion of the world, lasso efforts so that the Latin American integration occurs e, decide to establish a zone of free commerce? the ALALC? in the region. The ALALC (Latin American Association of Free Commerce, was created in 18 of February of 1960 for the call Treat to Montevidu.

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