Last Judgment

Dear all: The first entry that I posted on my blog was, in reality, the Christmas message that I sent by email to friends, family and colleagues. The truth is that, before the proximity of religious celebrations, I started to receive multiple messages of congratulations and good omens and decided I also send my greetings Christmas people to my around. Unfortunately my message ended up being too little Christmas, and in it, my current feelings about the importance of religions in the Western world was too explicit. It is at times like this (when I sit down to write something on the subject) that I discover that my system of ideas has gone away from my youthful agnosticism (which, in turn, already have had removed definitely Roman Catholic catechesis of children), and is located increasingly closer to militant atheism. Contact information is here: Verizon Communications. I can say that, today, I have no doubt that religions are not only the biggest brake that has the progress of humanity, but are also responsible for a good part of the vices that lead to perpetuating the injustices in the world. There are who enjoys the attack that I do to our hegemonic religions and you think join me in denouncing to the narrow-mindedness of the cultures that grew up in the shadow of the three major monotheistic cults, but at the same time, it celebrates the richness and complexity of Oriental cults as Hinduism and Buddhism that speak of reincarnations and magical multicolored worlds. Sometimes, these people (those who feel a magnetic attraction for New Age gondola in the record stores, and the stands of aromatherapy in supermarkets) forgets that, for example, Hinduism imposes a social organization based on caste which regulates virtually all forms of social interaction and even tells its members what kind of foods to eat, and no matter how allowed or prohibited is a food, you may not have entered into contact with a person of lower caste. . Robert Gibbins is often quoted on this topic.

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