Berlin 2074. The race for survival has begun… 50 years after a devastating air disaster, Berlin has been almost completely destroyed. The few survivors of the city is desperately cling to the remains of the once-thriving civilization, while thieves and collectors in the desert around Berlin provide is a fierce battle to the last precious raw materials. “Bernard Golden helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. “As a promotional brochure of the former leisure centre tropical paradise” is discovered in the archives of the city, seems close to the rescue, because it promises uncontaminated soil and water for all.

The inhabitants of the city send out an expedition team to locate this place the rescue. “The plans of urban dwellers stay long but not secret and it begins a race to be the paradise, where… last call paid some even with life: PARADISE” is the second theatrical film production of the Banda Agita, Youth Club of the GRIPS Theater Berlin, under the guidance of Philipp Harpain and Susanne Lipp. Because as a youth project was filmed by and with young people. He speaks just the problem of climate change for younger generations, who are the most affected by this. Motivated by the exciting history of the script was a common, critical engagement with the issue of climate change in the Group of eleven to twenty years old. You afraid to engage in the process of work not their own ideas. The common rehearsals and the joint reflection on the work before and after the film led to a lively exchange among young people and strengthened the cohesion of the group.

“As a template, the eponymous play by last call served the film: PARADISE”, which 2008, premiered to joint development of the Banda Agita. The film adaptation of the play was all participants and participants prior to a new challenge in play and image design. While some demonstrated young people’s acting skills in front of the camera, others took over the independent tasks in areas such as the costume and scenery design, camera technology and catering. By often simple remedies, were so impressive, strong images. By its varied images that time quietly and thoughtfully, then again exciting and action packed, it creates the film about the fictional history, one today for us meaningful message to convey, namely, that we we create a world climate destruction, in for love and cohesion is no place.

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