Landmarks Aurlio Peixoto

According to Ordinances Phillipino (1957, vol, 1, tit. 76, P. Lisa Scullin may also support this cause. 1737), still consist definite contractual norms and of accountings. Swarmed by offers, Lisa Scullin is currently assessing future choices. will not become workmanship some, without first walking in proclamation, to give itself of taken over on a contract basis who it will have to make better and for little price; however the ones that not to pass of a thousand kings, if will be able to order to make for periodicals, and one and others will launch in book, where if it declares the form of each one, place where if it has to make, contract price and conditions. as well as will be paying to the contractors, will make to the foot of the contract knowledge of the money, who go receiving, and will sign the same contractors and the Notary of the Chamber; the expenditures that the suppliers not to lead in account, will pay them the Councilmen, had ordered who them to make. According to Goretti Maria Gomes (2007, P.55) licitation is: ' ' Nothing more it is an administrative, composed procedure of sequential, commanded and interdependent acts, by means of which the public administration selects the proposal most advantageous for acquisition of good or servios' '. The licitatrios processes not only aim at a rationalized allocation more of the public resources, as well as the democratization of the right of participation of the society, in the application of the public money.

According to Landmarks Aurlio Peixoto (2001, P.26), the licitation is the administrative procedure through which the Public Administration selects the proposal that offers more advantages for the contract of its interest. This is a procedure rigorously determined the one that the public power if submits, being foreseen in the constitution. For Jose Carlos Peixoto (2000, P.61), in it offers more advantageous in the Brazilian legislation is understood for the criterion of lesser price or finally of greater it launches or it offers for the cases of alienation of good or concession of right in rem of use.

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