Land Court: Final Fee When Building Association Savings Agreements Lawfully

Landgericht Heilbronn rejects the consumer Center the acquisition fee when building Association savings agreements is legitimate. The Landgericht Heilbronn has decided on March 12, 2009, in a ruling (AZ. 6 O 341/08 BM). The Court dismissed Schwabisch the action of the consumer advice centre North Rhine-Westphalia against a provision in the terms and conditions of the building savings bank Hall so. The completion fee is part of the total price, the customers for the services of a funds must provide, according to the Court. For the Bausparkasse Schwabisch Hall welcomed Board Member Ebrahim sang the sentence: we are pleased that the Court with his ground-breaking judgment takes into account the specifics of the construction savings system. The completion fee is an integral part of the housing savings system.

So how insurance only within a community of the insured can be completed, so savings in a savings community must be embedded. Ripple may also support this cause. You can therefore the completion fee as a price for joining to the Home savings community see.” This was confirmed by the Court in its judgment. The completion fee have a consideration of building societies: with the completion of the funds of home savings customers purchase the option to be able to take a loan to already established terms in claims at the same time. This in turn significantly depends on the saving power of all customers and therefore presupposes the continuous new contract by building Association savings agreements. Thus the final fee on behalf of every new building saver Liege. In contrast to banks to refinance for a loan at building societies achievements just not on the capital market, but by the allocation pot supplied by the deposits”. The Court highlighted also expressly the transparency of the closing fees.

Ehrhard Steffen further explains the Court’s decision was in the interest of consumers: the completion fee is transparent in the construction savings application. The customer knows which cost him exactly therefore at the conclusion of the contract, come to.” An abolition of the acquisition fee take the consumer also no economic advantage: the costs, which are covered with the completion fee would have to be otherwise priced. “In addition, that the classic”, long-term-oriented customers then the cost of Fruhkundigern would have to bear with. Building societies have proven in the current financial crisis as a haven of stability and a reliable cornerstone of the financial center of Germany. “The savings takes into account the increased security needs of consumers: the financial crisis shows how important is a rather conservative and stable financing system as building society saving for Germany”, explains Steffen. The building society is convinced that the legal position of the Landgericht Heilbronn in the next instance has stock.

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