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A compact portable meter for accurate spectral color evaluating light sources of any kind – including the latest generation of LED and EL bulbs meets highest accuracy – DIN and the new CL-500A extends use of instrumental colour measurement of light sources JIS Standards to include another. The lightweight and compact spectrophotometer is as a stand alone”handheld designed and high-precision measurements of light sources of all kinds including LED’s and EL’s. The spectral range includes the wavelengths from 380 to 780 nm. The CL-500A charged – with spectral accuracy – all major colorimetric, including the color temperature and the color rendering index CRI. The use of optical high-performance components ensures accurate measuring results and also ensures that the CL-500A is the first hand-spectrophotometer, that according to DIN 5032-7, class B and class AA JIS C1609 meets the stringent requirements. Wide application range, extensive analysis, including color rendering index.

The CL-500A can in addition to the Illuminance, the colour which color temperature calculate the color rendering index and display. A light source color rendering property can be evaluated objectively and qualitatively with the color rendering index. The color rendering index describes the quality of a light source quickly and reliably and is calculated as the deviation from a reference illuminant a kind of test light. “The concept of the CL-500A permits the use of a wide range of applications: measurement and analysis of light sources – stationary or on the spot”. Evaluation of illuminance, chromaticity coordinates, color temperature and color rendering. Development, quality control and maintenance of LED luminaires labels used as a sensor for the measurement of the total luminous flux and the spectral distribution in a Ulbrichtschen ball.

Research, development and inspection of video projectors as a master instrument in a quality assurance system in conjunction with Konica Minolta illuminance meter T-10A or chroma meter CL-200A. Stand alone or software supports equipped with a large LCD display, a back re-chargeable Li-IO battery, compact dimensions and low weight, the CL-500A is the ideal portable meter for use in the field. The measured values can be numerically or as spectral graph display in the display. The included software allows easy transfer of the measured values in an external spreadsheet program. The optional software CL-S10w extends the multiple functions to another. Easy and clear graphical representations as E.g. for the colour rendering index or the quantitative coupling of LED’s are just two examples from our extensive range.

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