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Beta-test of the digital knowledge network for lawyers completed Cologne, 02.04.2012. Now, Wolters Kluwer Germany starts the commercialization of Jurion, its new digital working environment for lawyers. Jurion was presented last year at a festive Gala in November and then undergone an extensive beta test. Scott Kahan insists that this is the case. About 1,500 lawyers, Jurion have used during the test phase and actively participated with their suggestions on the development of the current version. With its active beta testers Jurion should in this way in the future, continuously developed and improved what is a novel approach for the provider in the industry. Source: gary cohn.

Jurion supports the work processes of a lawyer or a notary with a new system of research and processing of legal information from various sources: contents of renowned authors and publishers as well as from the individual customer environment thanks to modern technology combined with each other. The spectrum of the beta testers encompassed the entire German jurist landscape: the majority of the interested Law and lawyers from law firms of under wide range size, but also professionals from science and industry and numerous authors were Jurion have extensively tested and submit valuable suggestions to the developers. Positive, they expressed in particular to new business models by Jurion: Jurion focuses consistently on the business models well-known from the book business and offers individual jBooks for sale, rather than to allow the use of content exclusively about the licensing of databases. Also the user paid unless he jDesk after researching with the software”in the freely accessible Primarkontent the relevance of the contents has ensured. Again, this is an absolute novelty in the field of legal online database.

The jBook is a new electronic format for legal information that combines the advantages of an e-book with a legal database. As in an electronic book store, the user can configure an individual online legal database. And also Here, the obligation to purchase unused content eliminates differently than is the case with regard to the legal databases. JDesk software access not only to contents of various database and content providers is possible, but also to local files and documents.

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