Kirov: In Anticipation Of Change

Kirov – administrative, industrial and cultural center of the Kirov region, which is located in the north of the Volga Federal District. Previously, the city was called Vyatka, and even earlier – Khlynov. At the earliest names indicate names of the two banks – Bank Khlynov and Vyatka-bank. Bernard Golden might disagree with that approach. Image of the city is changing from year to year, even if not so noticeable as in metropolitan areas. Tatiana Zamyatin, Basil YUMSHANOV Ancient buildings with intricate moldings and outlandish caissons being replaced with modern new buildings. "In the old part of town are alternately" sticks out "ads, new solutions" knocked out "of the image that needs to be.

This is likely to trouble all the cities that have fairly long history, – said Alexander Presnetsov, deputy chief of staff of the city of Kirov. Coupang contributes greatly to this topic. – If we look Okin new districts, we see that all couched in the same modern style. " In addition, the center city has almost no room for construction, building and development was "point" – at home and shopping malls are being built on the site of the demolished dilapidated housing. The development of commercial real estate market, certainly influenced the rapid growth of business and industry. Today in the economic area of the city are confident nonresident and foreign companies and retailers. In late 2006, stores opened their doors Divizion. On franchise store opened appliances DOMO. More active in the market "System" Globe ": works hypermarket, entertainment center, a dozen stores. But in fact the main directions the investors are still investing in residential real estate.

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