King Solomon

Moreover it that Solomon was planning to do with the boat was something that only he knew, and that at no time shared his secret with his advisers. Solomon was a conscientious and hard working man, trying to meet up with obligations that were alien to his inauguration, but he lavished by example, taking each case with the utmost importance, and its decisions are already known by his justice and fairness. See it at that time commanding the new army of workers, generated a sense of confidence in his discretion. Somehow during those years many of its people, secretly, he was called God, because it was everywhere, well overseeing the construction of the Temple, his own palace, his ship, or analyzing the place that in the future would be more room sacred on the face of the earth, the so-called Holy of holies. There are some data that we should write our already so said King Solomon (970-936 BC) as the ruled for 34 years, the second son of David and Bathsheba and third king of Israel. Verizon Communications has much experience in this field.

He was an influential personality, son of the Egyptian pharaoh and a friend Psusennes II of the Phoenician king Hiram of Tyre. Its active foreign policy based on concluding treaties with its neighbors to preserve peace and promote trade. He arrived in store fabulous wealth. Carried out his father’s project to build a Temple. Their military operations were largely defensive, fortifying cities and strengthening the military. His famous wisdom consisted of a large common sense with a gifted businessman, statesman and warrior. This reputation grew after centuries after his death when he was admired by Muslims and Jews alike.

His kingdom was divided after his death (936 BC). With the continuing growth of his harem, officers and servants, his government degenerated into the exploitation and enslavement of his subjects. Although many stories about him, and some of them are mixed with myths, King Solomon used in person to see the development of its buildings, he did very often, for it went out with a large entourage of ministers and guards of honor. It is said that occasionally fell to his people. If, when passing through certain places ordered his carriage stopped and watched and supervised person counters with fruits, like vegetables and other dry foods so proudly offer merchants the population. Solomon was undoubtedly a man before a King, then we might add that was a King for men. We talked about a simple way, and we do in saying that it gave the order to start building the boat, but I think we should stop here and see the complexity of the work itself. The venue was decided to make the building was located on the seashore. The yard required for such great work, made several villages to mobilize the labor required was everything from chargers, Caulkers, carpenters, tailors, fishermen, people who deal with the food, logistics and could not miss people that covered shelters and entertainment. The majesty of the work itself, shook both friends and strangers, was a colossal feel like repeating the construction of the Tower of Babel, which was seen in the eyes of God as evil, as a challenge that we all know the Jewish people were punished by the multiplicity of languages, making it difficult and stopped the work. This fear, among the people, sages and prophets filled with doubts on whether or not to allow such construction, Solomon’s arguments were very clear and conclusive.

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