Kickback Capital

Such rights include entitlement to additional collateral, special redemptions and/or higher interest rates normally. This should also be the reason why even distributions can not be made. AMCU has much experience in this field. No sale on the secondary market possible: The clients were pointed out also not that a disposal of the shares as a result of the absence of a secondary market is virtually impossible, so that will be entered into a long-term commitment of the invested capital. 44.5% of the investors capital not investiv used: the Fund uses a particularly high proportion of the funds invested by investors for not investment purposes. 44.5% of the investors capital (incl. premium) was used for service fees, including in particular the distribution costs and financing interest and a “compensation payment” to King & Cie.

4 million related. Only 55% of the investors capital actually flowed into the purchase of vessels. This gross mismatch of soft costs and actually more valuable investment, which from the outset is the profitability of the plant in question, the investors with whom we have spoken so far were not informed about by your advisers. Almost 20% cost of sales: not pointed also to the 19.6% and thus almost 1/5 of the investors capital contributing distribution costs were investors known to us. While both banks and savings banks, as also non-bound Bank consultant to inform about this exceptionally high distribution costs would have been required.

Conceal kick backs: the banks involved in the distribution of the Fund have also never known to us success dependent on flowing to Sales Commission pointed out. The Kickback case-law of the Bundesgerichtshof they would have been required for this purpose. Special bonuses: a special compensation payment amounting to 4 million it was the initiator granted, that he sold the two ships to the Fund. The consultant would need to indicate these special benefits expressly. Warning of overcapacity and decay of the Charter rates in the business press: on top of that in 2007 and 2008 there numerous voices in the reputable business press in 2006, have predicted substantial overcapacity of ships and falling freight rates. Forecasts, which took into account the Fund’s prospectus, nor the discussions have become known to us. Given this large number of points, we see basically good opportunities to enforce claims for damages for investors of the King & Cie. product tanker funds IV. Want to know as investor of the King & Cie. product tankers Fund IV, what are your chances of enforcing claims for damages? Call us, we are happy to help you.

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