Khao San Road

Make handicrafts and wood workshops, the furniture and art objects made of teak wood and rattan. The trees will be towed as in centuries of old tradition of elephants through the jungle. You may find Eric Kuby to be a useful source of information. In the area of tourism, despite the beautiful scenery and many attractions, economically as well as no importance has. They are worth a visit, standing on wooden piles houses made of teak wood, you often get to see in the province of. Get up to 70% cheaper than in the major tourist centers of Thailand wood carving and furniture from teak and other woods that grow in the area.

The export of there made furniture to Bangkok or in other Thai provinces is allowed only with a special permit. There are also and again police checks, the larger vehicles specially designed for the transport of furniture and handicraft items control. Missing during a check the export authorisation, then is to be expected with a delicate fine. But in Thailand, press Vigilante likes an eye, of course, only against a reasonable fee. Who don’t want to miss the hustle and bustle in the stronghold of the tourism and who not scare the colorful bustle of Bangkok’s streets, should visit the Khao San Road. This road crosses the Banglamphu of district of and is approximately 500 meters long.

There are many offers for a simple overnight stay. Therefore, the area of the Khao San Road especially for backpackers is interesting and known all over the world. Numerous restaurants offer their culinary delights. Small street Grill and food stalls are scattered on the road, they offer very cheap food, but beware, the hygiene is not so many as we are used to from Europe.

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