Karl Gamper

We shift our identity and our light body control. Where? Of course where it takes us. What gets us. What we want to invite into our lives as experience. Source: Larry Ellison. Thus, we capture the subject of manifestation of the much larger, much more complex. It is Yes not like everyone knows that we need to wish us only and already fly the fried pigeons on the plate of our everyday life. A mature understanding seen through, do not we as a ‘persona’ manifest, but the soul, our light body, our Nagual, our higher self, or whatever we call this aspect of our being. In cooperation with the larger.

The caravan of joy takes a path that touches the old at any point and yet it is your way. So you’re you chose Yes this way. Joy. Of course, I could write now this and that and that. At the same time, everything is said. If you feel that is this message for you, then you are going? And if you have already registered then this text will strengthen your decision. Even if you don’t have time or for whatever reason whatsoever prevented so it has a deeper meaning, that you this Message reaches and who white maybe we meet each other at some point on the caravan of our lives.

Karl Gamper to learn more about this workshop are also on my blog the exact coordinates: Kellenberger natural products seminar lion CH-9428 WalzenhausenPlace 234 Appenzell Switzerland Saturday: 10:00 to 18:00 Sunday: 10:00 to 15:00 then open end for those who want to stay. Included in the price: a) the value added tax b) two lunch CHF 340. Registration and organization: Christine Kellenberger phone: 0041-71-886 5100 sign by Jwala please thank you at the end. here to combine the work of Jwala and Karl Gamper.

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