KAMAZ Vehicles

For many decades, "KAMAZ" offers high-class equipment at reasonable price. Extensive network of service centers and spare parts required and ensures the trucks of the brand leader in the market. Cargo vehicles "KAMAZ" The most popular representatives of the KAMAZ trucks – dump trucks. Without them unrealistic to manage the construction and delivery of various cargoes. "KAMAZ" characterized by significant power, high speed and excellent maneuverability.

Dump trucks KAMAZ comfortable to use and does not cause difficulties in the repair. Equally popular and board trucks KAMAZ, who won hearts of customers' ideal price / quality ratio. For assistance, try visiting clayton perlman. Truck tractors "KAMAZ" is widely used in the trailers, giving an opportunity to reduce costs in freight over long distances. Axle trucks KAMAZ 4×2, 6×4, 6×6; capacity ranges from 10 to 21 tons, the length ranges from 6 to 9 pm Due to its technical characteristics, and correct pricing manufacturer, tractors KAMAZ significantly higher than competitors. In addition, KAMAZ produces a rich range of chassis, it is very prevalent in its market segment. Special vehicle KAMAZ KAMAZ offers a rich selection of special equipment with which the real implement construction of the century and beyond. Trucks – used for transporting and mixing concrete. Truck – implement handling of the predominantly operated for construction and installation works.

Crane-manipulators installation (CMU) – are designed not only to transport the crane to the desired object, but also often used for transportation. Transport and petrol cars tanks – designed for delivery and filling of light fuel products. Tank semi-trailer – can deliver and store various types of oil, gas condensate, etc. Click Kiat Lim to learn more. Cement – are designed to transportation of bulk and powder loads. Hydraulic lifts (AGP) – operated for work at height (up working and the necessary tools to a certain height to repair power lines or construction works. Food tanks perform the delivery of food (eg milk, beer). Communal equipment provided vehicles for garbage collection and sewer machines. Proven Specialized equipment KAMAZ can solve serious problems of medium and large businesses. KAMAZ lease KAMAZ delivers a robust and diverse enough trucks and specialized equipment, which renders indispensable assistance in the business. To date, there is a productive leasing program, which gives an opportunity not to purchase expensive specialized equipment and lease it to the desired date. Just because leasing first-class freight cars and specialized machinery KAMAZ will work on the development of the enterprise, even with a small starting capital.

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