Jose Bonifacio Market

After a great reform, the historiado building gained a new capitulates, where palacete all was restored, poremno was possible to keep all its original traces, some continuaramcomo, for example, initials FB, that are of its great creator, and also afachada of the building if kept unbroken with all its afrescos. Currently opalacete has some attached complexes as, for example, the memorial of the peoples, where the garage functioned, turned a room cinema in homage criticoAcyr Castro, and also anfiteatro was constructed to one and the museum of bellepoque. beyond functioning all these areas to also delazer functions some secretariats of the current municipal management. ABELMTUR, the city council of health, part of the FUMBEL and of SEMAD. I indent of this perspective of conservaodo historic site we can conclude with regard to palacete Bologna, queseu been of conservation can be considered good, to put this reality depreservao meets in few historical building of our capital. 2 MARKET OF SOBRS Located in one of the points more altosda city of Belm and in the confluence of the most important avenues of the city, admiral Barroso, Jose Bonifacio and Cheap Magalhes, the market of Are Brs comseu style that runs away rigidity d classicismo, however keep to the ratios desseestilo, enchant with its beauty who pass for the complex. The market of Is Brs was constructed, had to have a free fair in front of the station of the railroad deBragana that supplied the city with foodstuffs. This fair in the related quarter very became-seum great problem for the city, therefore the made one did not take care of to all snecessidades and also it did not have a garbage collection, thus accumulating seusdejetos, attracting animal causers of diverse illnesses. With intention to solve esteproblema em12de was intentionally for the city council of the province of Grain-Par March of 1908 the resolution for the construction of a market in the PraFloriano Peixoto, to take care of the necessities of the belenense population.

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