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IT job market: more jobs in the South of Germany the German corporations in the IT sector are extremely popular with young professionals as an employer. The opportunities are the same but by no means everywhere, but strongly depend on the respective site. This study may 2008 IT job Scout “the consulting and Software House of the PPI AG, in which online jobs of the 100 largest German IT companies are evaluated. Total, 429 job ads were evaluated for this in April and may of this year. Bad job opportunities thus prevail in large parts of Northern and Eastern Germany.

Currently comes only every thirteenth job offer of the 100 largest German IT companies from this region. More than half, namely 51 percent, the vacancies are in Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg. The North fell further towards the South in recent years. So the number of unfilled vacancies in the North and East fell Germany compared to 2007 36 percent, while alone the IT companies from Baden-Wurttemberg in the last Year achieved a Stellenplus of 40 percent. At the leading companies of the industry, 90 percent of all job vacancies for IT professionals come from southern and Western of Germany. Bavaria lies in the provinces ranking again front. 29 per cent of all abroad come from the free State. Rank two and three follow on Baden-Wurttemberg with Hesse and 22 percent with 21 percent.

Nine percent of all workers in the high-tech sector are located in the Munich region alone. For comparison: the national average is 5.2 percent. Other leading IT locations are Karlsruhe and the metropolitan area of Nuremberg/Erlangen.Die rear seats occupy the East German Federal States as well as Bremen and Schleswig-Holstein. The southern of Germany has a clear supremacy in the IT sector, regarding the large companies. The situation is different in small and medium-sized companies. In Hamburg, for example, there are currently about 8,500 IT companies with 55,000 employees, which generate an annual turnover of about nine billion euros. The number of IT companies in the Hanseatic City alone 2007 grew by around six percent. Therefore, the Hamburger industry urgently seeking young professionals. Thus Hamburg behind Germany on companies of all sizes across Berlin ranked second, regarding the cities with the most open job offerings for IT professionals. Current jobs in the IT sector get about the job market.

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