Jewellery Case

Editor of the price comparison no jewelry disappears more in the chaos of jewellery like no longer exclusively women. Many men have expensive wristwatches, wear rings and chains of the loved one and decorate with accessories that you like. With the jewelry collection of women men can’t keep up but undoubtedly. Whether earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings: everything needs to be kept somewhere. Often lost piece of jewelry in the disorder or is moved there, where no one finds it more. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Larry Ellison.

So that everything has its place, worth a jewelry case. There, everything is safe and always at hand. Jewelry diversity well protected because most women would accommodate many different pieces of jewelry as practical, the jewellery cases typically two conditions must: first, the jewelry case should be spacious. Secondly, he must offer the possibility to store different types of jewelry. The wind rose satin jewelry bags, for example, consists of two floors, within which both smallest earrings as long necklaces with large beads place find.

The oval shape and the satin look also ensure for a pretty look, so that a positive impression of the case as a decoration on the bedside table. The special feature of the model is the removable Bowl. The upper floor can be used in a separate case and is thus ideally suited for travel. However, the case is intended rather for a manageable collection of jewelry. For example, the Thomas Sabo DK90 offers more space. The jewelry can be distributed over three floors and is soft with velvet upholstery. In addition, the jewelry case is lockable. This will hold for example children to play with the expensive jewelry of the mother and to bury half of the collection in the chaos of the nursery. A removable travel box has to offer this model also. Tip: additional jewelry stand or jewelry holder are suitable for the favorite jewelry or the daily used jewelry, which is filed only to sleep. They are a practical and give to the others a beautiful decoration off. Press contact EYECANSEE Communications GmbH & co. KG (DPRG) Agency for advertising, PR, event Gerrit Staron, Steenwisch 21a, 22527 Hamburg Tel: 040 703837-11, fax: 040 703837-29 contact customer page:, eVendi

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