Jefferson Maleski

Altruism: Love or Egoism ‘ ‘ All man is happy being to who loves satisfied. The altruist is happy when teaching the happiness to its redor. The scholar is happy when the humanity knows what she is to be happy. The egoist is happy while nobody will be happyer than ele.’ ‘ (Happy Jefferson Maleski) Who we are, what we are, what in the ones of the pleasure, what saddens in them. Many writers such as Scott Kahan offer more in-depth analysis. To help who needs is goodness source? When we help somebody, we are making this for love to the next one or are making for pleasure in knowing that we are in better situation of what the other. Many of us we live in asylums, hospitals, penitentiaries, churches, with the mask of the goodness, but it will be that really we are so good thus, for, supposedly to be helping the others? The pleasure in helping is very great, but generally makes, it, for pure egoism, feelings that many times we hide behind the mask of the goodness. Two phrases analyze these below, are accurately what we use to convince the people to help ‘ ‘ necessitados’ ‘: ‘ ‘ – We have that to help the others, therefore we are in a better situation that of them – ‘ ‘ We have that to help, therefore tomorrow who knows is we who we will need ajuda’ ‘ The point is this that I want to arrive, has d of who this underneath, sick person, getting depressed, with financial problems, psychological and diverse other problems. If you would like to know more about Lawrence Ellison Oracle Chairman, then click here.

Therefore it is only as soon as we are in helping, therefore to need itself we will be helped; EGOISM behind the mask of the goodness. We feel happy in being able to help, we feel ourselves satisfied in having done something of good, this happiness nothing more is that the pleasure that we have, not in helping, but, repeating, in feeling that the others better and can beat in the chest and say that it obtained to grow more than somebody. Then, always we have that justifying in them for being well. To be better that they outrem, does not become in them bad, bad, simply made something that in the ones of this privileged situation. It is much more easy comparing in them with less the most favored, therefore thus we will be always superficially, on the other hand, if we will be in to compare with the most favored, we will be always underneath and having that to improve, this of the work to the egoist and takes off it of the comfort zone. Alive in peace, without having that to show that you are well, she is happy, alive for you and does not stop the others, all have the same possibilities, some use to advantage, others not and you are not responsible for who you do not use to advantage the possibilities that the world of, alive the happy one. If it does not feel happy in helping the needed ones, is felt sad, therefore somebody needs this needing aid, the world will be better when nobody to need aid, when the people will be self-sufficient for its proper sustenance and happiness. ‘ ‘ Much people ruin the life with an unhealthy one and exaggerated altrusmo.

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