James Belushi

Three years of ordeal, three years on the rights of homeless illegal immigrant! Illegal immigrant who wants to become a member of the European society. Stas was not badly dressed, Stas was very well dressed! His body was warmed by the Spanish sun, the years have made it a sculptural ottochki attractive feast for the eyes! Not repulsive, and attractive! He's happy! He has long been loved! He found the warmth of hearth and home! He is getting married! Stas did not provide more work to find me, and now I'm his assistant, I am his witness! I am well prepared for our next meeting, which he did not come to a restaurant in the … uyutnenko Gandhi Playa de Gandia. And the name of some Russian: Restaurante 5:0. Similarly, the owners are Russian.

In the photo simpotnye guys with our pop singers! Here's a nice guy with Nikolai Baskov, but the man with James Belushi. I have spent in this restaurant beautiful evening in July, when Spanish national team on football has become a world champion! Two hours of the day. To the sea no one goes, all go to sea. On the big screen and quality acoustics of singing a song about Alejandro Gaga, climbing higher and higher on the pop charts in Spain. Opens the door tight, not allowing the flow of cold air to leave the premises, and in the line of sight, two … One Stas. And, oh, where I saw the second one? Convulsive brain works! "Think, think!" Before Hola! Are second!! Yes! I remember! This is a flight attendant from the plane! I remember him on the flight Valencia – Paris! So for now, this is it. Well, a couple of beautiful, happy! Give them the god of happiness! We dine, and write everything about the upcoming the citizen of Russia in the Spanish authorities for registration of marriage with a man, that is, for the registration of same-sex marriage! Benidorm has been selected by us for the act of marriage.

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