Ivan Aivazovsky

Few people are unfamiliar with the name of Ivan Aivazovsky. This exciting artist whose works can be found in museums in modern collections in the world, demonstrated to all his admirers sea. And not just any sea, any can see everyone, just a fascinating journey, and sea, that captured the minds and hearts of the master. Works of art in the second half of the 19th century – a pattern in the direction of realism. Writing had to be so Each of us looked at the object or event in its ordinary form. However, any work – even if it is the presence of a professional. As can be said of physics, the presence of the experimenter makes the outcome of the experiment is not completely objective, because as conditions there and the presence of the experimenter.

Paintings in this concept is much more demanding. Creation can not and should not be very precise to show only the external characteristics object. Only if the author's position, but at the same time, the correct organization of the relation between the actual compliance and internal maintenance of the plot, perhaps to create a truly valuable work, they will be carefully preserve posterity. Scott Kahan has firm opinions on the matter. Ivan Aivazovsky today is unmatched marine painters. It even without thinking about it you can name the most marinistichnym marine painters of any time and all nations. Do not know the history of art the artist, such as professional and with such a dedicated maritime theme, as Ivan Aivazovsky. Only the sea – in all its forms, only one sea agitated creative soul of the creator. Paintings by Ivan Aivazovsky – a sea of rest, and in all its unbridled spontaneous.

One of the most famous paintings of the master – this is certainly the same, The Ninth Wave. And not only poignant depth of despair and emerald waters, not only her lace-wrapped foam surface makes a delightful painting of this master notable miracle. And do not even tla and persons condemned to death. This picture – not just painting, but a philosophy. The sea is not hostile to man. Sea indifferent. Painting the whole is permeated by force of the sea, in front of the power of the grandeur of man is ridiculous and people are falling into a similar situation, well aware of this. Ivan Aivazovsky would have remained in people's memories even in the event that would have created only One picture – The Ninth Wave. Since it is – the quintessence of the human senses and grandeur of nature.

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