Italian Plant Process

Changes these decurrent ones of the implantation of machines and, later, the automation and microelectronics. Also an analysis in the models of taylorista/fordista production, and the moment will be made where if mixture, or is substituted, for the toyotismo. To illustrate these changes, the assembly plant of automobiles will be used as example Fiat and its description of productive transformations, in the incessant and uninterrupted search to place themselves and to remain themselves in the market enters the biggest assembly plants of the world. Word-key: work/productive process productive reorganization/Fiat Abstract This work will have its main theme the presentation of the changes in manufacturing production process. Changes resulting from implementation of these machines and, to later, automation and microelectronics.

Also an analysis is made in production models Taylorista/Fordista, and when it merges or is replaced by Toyota. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Gary Kelly. You illustrate these changes, will be used an example to carmaker historical Fiat and its changes in production, uninterrupted, and the constant quest you get and stay on the market between the largest to automaker in the world. Keywords: work/production process/production restructuring/Fiat Introduction This research will have as objective right to a preferential share, to present the crucial changes in the work relations, permeadas for the evolution in its way of production and reproduction through organizacionais innovations and of the automation microelectronics. Changes these that had unchained a process of productive reorganization, influenced for the new base technician-organizacionais _toyotismo _ implanted, delayed in Brazil, in years 80. For in such a way it will be used as illustration, the historical analysis of the assembly plant of automobiles FIAT _ Italian Plant of Turim Automobiles _ technological example of advance, established in 1899 in Turim/Italy, and installed in Brazil in the decade of 70.

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