Ita Foundation Actions

A considered company citizen is that one that fulfills its responsibility social and acts of solidary and involved form with the yearnings of the society, committing itself to the development of the community in the aspects social, humanitarian and moral. Since 2005, year where the Index of Enterprise Support of the So Paulo Stock Exchange was created, the Ita is part of that he is one of the most important indices that values the enterprise social responsibility in Brazil, being reference in the market. Valley to stand out that the Unibanco came back to compose the wallet of the Index this year. 32 companies, 40 actions and 13 sectors of the market are part of the ISE. Voluntary the Ita Program was created to support the enrollment in social actions of all the employees and pensioners of the Ita. The Program exists to fortify the exercise of the citizenship, supporting and consolidating the social participation as an important one commitment between our collaborators.

Voluntariado was recognized as one of the ten better cases of. It enters the adopted criteria in the research, had been questions related to the expectation of the company with the voluntariado work of, the reasons had taken that them to this initiative, the carried through actions and its results. Social the Ita Foundation fortifies partnerships with being able public, private sector and ONGs to guarantee the social transformation and the sustainable development. The education is the way for the development of the Country in sustainable way. Social the Ita Foundation (FIS), servant, for the Ita, in 2000, has as performance proposal to formulate, to implant and to spread methodologies directed to the improvement of public politics in the educational area and to the evaluation of social projects. The FIS acts all in Brazil, in partnership with the three spheres of government (federal, state and municipal), with the private sector and organizations of the civil society.

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