Of course, the common method of irrigation – from watering cans, it's probably the most common simple and affordable way. And what do you do when last we met to go relax at the resort, or simply do not have regular opportunities irrigate our family garden. Agree, in each case, an unscheduled business trip or a sudden illness, and long-awaited vacation with a trip out of the city forcing us to miss one-second weekend home comfort, and long cherished the flowers watered, did not get The solution of course there is! Simple human logic leads us to the neighbors, relatives or just to friends living nearby with a simple request: Do not pour the our flowers while we will not "Yes Alternatively, perhaps the best. But what is the guarantee that your garden will be watered at the right time, it required amount of water. Indeed, often triggered simple desire to do all things at once then to there was no lining or "What if tomorrow will come, or is there any guarantee that people will do everything in time and then when necessary. Maybe it have what some urgent business or home care. This at first look reasonable solution "on behalf" may play a destructive role for your plants and disturb the natural process of water absorption and in the most terrible event to bring a flower to the ruin.

Frequency of watering depends on the state Plants and external conditions (heat, humidity, soil and air, the light intensity, etc.). The earth in the pots should usually be in moderately moist. We can not allow abrupt transitions from a lack of moisture in its excess. This means that watering should be regular and uniform. Under excessive watering tips of leaves turn brown with a pronounced yellowing of the crop water requirement is determined by their specific features: the structure of the surface organs of the capacity of the root system, etc.

For example, plants with succulent, fleshy leaves (such as agave, aloe, etc.) require less water than plants with large leaves, which are sometimes require watering twice a day. For bulbous plants harmful excess moisture. It is best to water them by directing a jet of water is not in the flesh, but closer to the walls of the pot or pan with water. The most sensible solution – mount a home irrigation for home garden to the summer, even in the hottest period, to admire the flowering garden and the beauty of home comfort. And do not forget that old Russian proverb says: "Prepare sledge in the summer!" And direct way relates to the installation of automatic watering systems flower is in the winter. This immediately allows you to get rid of unnecessary trouble in the hot season. When in particular often do not want to stay at home and engaged in some or construction works in the apartment. The choice is yours, and comfort and beauty – for your colors!

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