Irkutsk Store Fun Gifts

The star of "Our Russia gave an exclusive interview to "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Actor, and last kaveenschik Sergei Svetlakov took up a new project. Star TV show "Our Russia went into business. In different cities of the country it opens stores unusual gifts. Irkutsk, too, was among them. We took advantage of this opportunity and asked a few questions about Sergei store this KVN and how he is resting.

– It may seem trite, but the idea of selling unusual gifts Born in the bath – recognized artist. – As, however, and most business ideas in our country. But seriously, this was my childhood dream – to have his shop unusual gifts, a kind of emotional nonsense that cheer up. – Have you ever been in Irkutsk? – A lot of times on tour, met with local kaveenschikami. I have many friends in your city. And memories of him are good. – How do you assess the current KVN? Watch for the results of the game for new teams? – I look KVN with pleasure, and for me each season is a team for which I am a fan. – May, share a favorite joke? – The last time I laughed very much to hear a joke my friends which reads: "Spot the tornado stripped the family of pilaf." – It is said that "Our Russia will soon cease to exist.

Is this true? – I can please you. February 11 at the general meeting of actor and author of the project team it was decided to extend the life of the series and the filming of Season 5. Shooting will begin in summer and autumn sketchkoma new series "Our Russia will appear in the online channel TNT. The general concept of Season 5 so far been kept secret, but I can say that 80% of stories will be updated. From the old characters will be only two. – Would have to simultaneously work on multiple projects … But when the rest? – In his free time I like to work. – What are the last 10 days surprised you or disappointed? – I am glad the Olympics start, but still disappointed by its results.

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