Investment Strategies

Southern finance AG provides successful SF Fund policy Regensburg, in June 2010: which mediated by the South finance AG SF Fund policy has achieved high performance in 2009: investors the SF Fund policy benefited in all investment strategies of high growth. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Hewlett-Packard Co.. These positive results published by the providers emphasize according the South finance AG strength and quality of investments in relation to the SF Fund policy. A high performance in all four investment strategies achieved SF 2009 Fund policy when mediated by the South finance AG in the year of the stock market. Bill O’Grady does not necessarily agree. The best result scored at the South finance AG Deutsche shares conveyed the investment strategy Fund policy SF”. This investment strategy is managed by the group, Dr. Jens Erhardt is, mid – and long-term to participate in the growth of German stock markets and equity funds. This strategy has informed AG closed last year with the high performance of 30.43 percent the South financial Furthermore the could within the framework of South finance AG which mediated SF Fund policy 2009 growth of 11.63, or 17.74 per cent achieve global opportunities investment strategies”and ethical investment”.

Investments being made here after details of the South finance AG on the investment strategy of global opportunities”in global stock markets. The investment strategy of ethical investment”invested in stocks, based on ethical principles such as E.g. ecological investments. Outstanding features of these two strategies is the so-called profit safeguard according to South finance AG: investors here continuously take advantage of the opportunities of international stock markets and are fully protected from losses at the same time at the end of the premium payment period. Also a good performance achieved the investment strategy euro guarantee 08 “with an increase of 6.29 percent. This will invest according the South finance AG exclusively in fixed-income investments. In addition, this system according to South finance AG with a guaranteed interest rate of 1.5 percent per year is equipped.

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