Beware of foreign banks, insurance, Keiler organizations we were confronted often lately with investors, which were bruised despite investment in seemingly safe investment products to substantial sums. Abzocke system guarantees is faked the investors first. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Larry Ellison. It is only in the nominal capital guarantees: despite warranty return E.g. 100,000 euro in twelve years, this amount is worth in 12 years due to inflation up half. Such a capital guarantee guaranteed 50 percent loss of money so in truth. Given comprehensive promises tempted investors to, to use not only equity, but also to borrow. Talk up them, to be able to create the total far beyond the cost of credit. For example, An investor has 100,000 euro.

He takes a loan of 200,000 euros and believes that EUR 300,000 work extremely profitable for him. Based on this amount fall around 42,000 euros on initial cost (banks, insurance companies, Keiler organizations and State record vigorously). The customer has used 42 per cent of the equity capital invested in the sand so signing the contract. High administrative costs will be charged during the term of the product. Financial conditions, the product has usually not even enough interest, as apply for the credit.

The lending bank required collateral or additional payments after one or two years, so that the credit is again covered. Ever more elaborate prospectus, the more guarantees and interest rates are promised, the safer is generally the loss of the capital. Cost trap exit the rip-off is transparent, if the investor decides to get out. In addition to administrative costs, huge redemption fees and 7% insurance tax (Austria) incurred at resolution. After a year of running plus exit charges cost about 38,000 euros, 38 percent of the invested capital. An exit after one year the customer has lost already 80 per cent of the equity. Above calculation assumes that it in the Investment period had no loss of course. The prices fall between the conclusion and resolution the customer of his 100,000 euros gets nothing back. He needs to spend even more substantial, to repay the loan to the Bank. Therefore, exercise caution when products with capital guarantee, if in addition to its own resources, a credit record is at serious-sounding tradenames (Swiss, select, Super plus, invest, etc.). Even if name of serious acting big banks stand behind it, you are not immune from the mechanism if it promises you more interest, as you pay for a credit for foreign companies. The guarantee is on the Caymen Islands, sits a current case a prosecution virtually hopeless check our post radical shock! Investors beat back together! You the broker in writing to confirm our recommendation allowing what you get back, if you resolve the product a week after completion. Make sure that the confirming has money, so you with Non-empty run claims for damages. Are looking for direct contact to investment company. You will be surprised when you find a letter-box instead of some prestigious company. First general damage help AG Pradafant 11 FL – 9490 Vaduz Tel: + 423 / 377-1700 fax: + 423 / 377 1709 E-mail: web:

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