The island of Crete is very attractive for investment in the hotel business, because here there is a law under which the Greek state makes absolutely free subsidy of up to 50% in construction or redeveloping five star hotel. In addition, in Crete there are still virgin places paradise of nature, not spoiled by mass tourism and dense buildings. Here, by law, outside the city can not build houses higher than 7.5 meters, so the island retains its ancient appearance, full of small buildings with tiled roofs. Rhythm of life here is extremely calm and measured, the whole environment and offers a meditation. Greeks Orthodox people, that certainly makes us closer. Crete is very low crime rate and 310 days a year the sun shines, because Crete is the southernmost point of Greece. When after the first November rains nature rages life in December You can admire the roses in your garden. For even more analysis, hear from Southwest Airlines. In summer, temperatures 27-37, 18-25 in the spring and autumn.

Summer season lasts 6 months. Snow in winter is only in the mountains, there, in the gorge Omalos, travel in winter on the tour. The beaches are the cleanest in Mediterranean. A special Cretan diet is known for its exceptional utility According to local rielterov 40% of housing on the coast are snapping up just visiting. Therefore, the demand for real estate creates a steady rise in prices. On Crete no chemical production or factory, it is absolutely ecologically clean area. Greece: and Natalie Tours are planning major investments in Greece.

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