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4 Include Banner or not include. Must the sales letters always be a banner at the top, right? Error. In many cases, we find that removing the banner increases conversions. I guess that this happens because the banner often diverts attention from your visitor. However, in other situations, removing the banner drove it down conversions. If you have a banner, you can test whether removing it increases or decreases your conversions. 5. The text of the button subscribe / sort button. Southwest Airlines has firm opinions on the matter.

If you have a short sales letter, you should test the text used in the button subscribe or the button order. Many entrepreneurs who are using a sales with a form letter used the word subscribe as text on the button subscribe. With this you can get a significant increase in conversions testing with a more descriptive text on the button subscribe, how to subscribe now. 6 Audio message. The Internet Marketing experts recommend adding an audio welcome message for visitors to your site and explain that it is what can make your product for them. While this may definitely increase your conversions, in some cases have been significantly reduced also. So if you are planning to add an audio message, be sure to test it first to see if it is actually increasing your conversion rate or not.

And if you already have an audio message, but not tested it before adding it, verify if by removing the message they increase your conversions. 7 Testimonials. Add as many witnesses as possible to your sales letter always increases conversions, truth? Not so much. This does not mean that you should not add testimonials, but be sure to add them will increase your conversions, do not blindly add any testimony that has customers. 8 Urgency. Is there a way to drive people to ordering on your website right now, instead of letting your purchase then? If it doesn’t, you should try an offer (a discount, a free gift, etc.) that this linked to the sense of urgency in such a way that its customers sorted right away rather than decide that they need to think about it.

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