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Auctions in the U.S. have always been popular. Eventually they moved to the Internet. It is no longer available on the Internet of a man who had not heard about the auction is eBay – this huge once the U.S. and now world-wide flea market, located in the network. Here you can find anything from rare stamps to the latest laptop.

Here you can buy on the cheap mobile phone and sell it at exorbitant prices Collected Works of Lenin, which has long been lying on the attic. This is eBay – a huge and unpredictable. Unfortunately, our fellow citizens are still rare guests on eBay, although the opportunities for them at auction in abundance. Indeed, many products are in Russia is much more expensive than the same dollars. And on eBay auction often come across just such goods from the United States. Say good laptop can be purchased at an auction for some two hundred dollars, while we have a similar model would cost twenty or thirty thousand. Add to this continuous decline in the dollar (and bidding on eBay are conducted primarily in dollars, the level of which came down from 25.09 to 23.44 rubles a year, a 9 months of 2007 imports of mobile phones in Russia grew by 40% compared with the same period in the past), and you'll understand why eBay for Russians – a real Klondike! On eBay you can buy goods for themselves or to resell in Russia.

On the difference in the price level and the weak dollar can make a very considerable sums. However, an obstacle to the development of a gold mine for our fellow citizens is the lack of English language. Yes, and some purely organizational matters a lot to confuse. How to buy merchandise on eBay without knowing English? Would not Purchase on eBay unprofitable, after delivery of the ocean? How much is the delivery of goods on eBay and how it is? Fortunately, there are professionals ready to take on organizational issues. They have long been working on eBay, know all the intricacies and pitfalls, know how to solve the disputed issues between buyers and sellers.

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