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Dear readers, with in this article start to develop a techniques for internet business that you saw exposed in the article next past this, called techniques for business on Internet (I). Don’t forget to follow us on each article one by one will be the continuation of the other. Business if someone is willing to pay money for purchase, use, rent, hire, etc. There is always our product or service; and the more money pay better. A business is based on profit, not in having many customers, revenue, users, transactions, billing, visitors, page views, etc. It is that revenues are greater than the costs, how long before better how greater and better. Considerations before starting your business in the network 1.

Take into account the costs of providing information and services that your customers can find themselves on the Internet. 2. Determine that information or additional services could provide to their customers. 3. Think how you can use information from their current clients to facilitate their continuing to do business with you.

4. Identify ways to help its customers online using existing resources in its plant of employees. 5. Identify ways in which customers can help one another. 6. Source: Rory Sutherland. Consider the competitive disadvantages if your competition offers products, services and information before you do so. 7 Think about ways to improve your business re-thinking value chains. 8 Discuss new ways to generate profits by increasing sales or attracting new customers to your web site. 9. Develop ideas to create new products or repackaged existing information to attract new customers or create new business opportunities on its web site. 10. Analyze the competition, see what they are doing and how. Discuss your idea of business 1. Do you have energy, self-confidence and business skills? 2 Do you have the ability to concentrate on the objectives required to start an e-business? 3 Are you willing to take risks, make risky decisions and face the consequences? 4.

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