It's no secret that today, every video on the Internet are first converted, and only then it can be thousands or millions of visitors But this is not so fast as to the author video clip Why is this happening? So, once and for all put all points on I and scatter all the known myths associated with streaming Flash-video Many people think that now assemble a video clip for example, without any rules, without going into the essence of the case, download it to some form of resources, and the player will insert the code on your blog or website, and after a certain period of time all will rush to buy their service or product. And most importantly this error allowed not only newcomers but also 99% pro! The thing that is not taken into account is the main factor that 90% of users, this speed of the internet is much lower than needed for fast playing Flash-video through the Internet. And after such publication, it is simply begins to stall, stammer all the time to stop. Does not that sound familiar? Itself from such a 'review' 9 out of 10 people, just go and not acquainted with your product. And now the most important thing Recently there has appeared a mass of video services, offering upload your video file, arguing that: 1. 'We will be in an ideal as a fast speed when watching ' 2. "We have millions of users and that it is now coined a new format, which is better quality all the others

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