Therefore, at the time of designing the profile of the administrator, the authorities, its educational ones, they must know that the new scenes have become dynamic and more and more changing, requiring itself of professionals who not only know, it to interpret, but they are able to provide the knowledge and the solutions before the problems that appear to them in their surroundings. Before this reality, and more now than a serious problem in the industrial sector of the country is pronounced, especially by its low productivity, the little productive participation of the SMEs, product of its fear, insecurity to the political instability, is when plus the Schools must face the situation, guaranteeing professionals highly enabled, with the knowledge modern that in the present is using in the commercial scenes, thanks to dynamics and aggressive competitiveness, that it has allowed that arises, demonstrating that knowing them to use the results they are favorable. Certain, that the curriculum of the race of Administration in the present one is not updated, which does not guarantee an academic formation of vanguard to the future withdrawn of this school. Of there, our insistence from which the University authorities take with more commitment the exigencies that have appeared at labor level in the matter of learning and of continuous qualification, where the quality in the education play an important role because this it will allow to the Internationalization of the education superior, based on the character of the learning and the investigation, where every time he is greater I number of students that work, live and they communicate in an international context, connected in diverse types of networks thanks to the constant progress of the technology and communication. What deficiencies are perceived, they occur and they must be corrected to the brevity? These they derive according to the analysis that they are possible to be obtained from its educational ones, programs, investigations, pensa of studies, mission vision, investigations, publications., analysis that can be supported in the use of a matrix DOFA. .

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