International Health Insurance

Unlimited travel also limitless insured? Only certain foreign insurance companies are tailored to the needs of leisure travellers, business travellers, pairs, students, students, students and education travellers AU in the United States, Mexico and Canada. The term, incl. extension can be from one day to 12 months. Is the destination of one of the NAFTA countries, should be requested from the insurer, whether all insurance benefits are valid for these countries. As a general rule: is completed, a stay in a country with which there is no social security agreement, a health insurance is complete. Treatments in these countries often cost several times as in Germany. A health insurance and accident and liability insurance are required. A liability insurance policy is therefore also useful abroad because horrendous costs may apply in countries, such as the United States, a harm oneself.

Note! Please note that a existing health insurance, which usually is valid up to 42 days for holiday travel, should not be combined with a long-term health insurance. In a paid, the insurance end of short-term health insurance at the beginning of the long-term health insurance could overlap. The cost of ongoing treatment, that is to see in this case as a disease, are not taken over by the long-term health insurance. A monthly payment of contributions is useful for long-term stays. In addition is to check whether the insurance company complies with the requirements of international insolvency protection in a foreign insurance policy. Tip! For longer-term education abroad there are special tariffs, which are tailored to E.g. students, exchange students, students, educational travelers – pairs au. More information, hints and tips also to special international insurance:…

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