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According to Japanese Agency of Nuclear Security, them had received a radiation between 170 and 180 milisievert. In accordance with the local press, the technician had been taken to a hospital in Fukushima. For other opinions and approaches, find out what baby clothes has to say. Two of them isolated and had been interned. The other worker was set free. the engineers had also retaken the works in reactor 3 of the threatened nuclear plant.

The complex, sufficiently affected, still is under risk of a more serious accident, that could cause a great radioactive emptying and affect the population of great part of Japan. unit 3 is one of the most dangerous because it functions with a mixture of Uranian and plutonium. The plant, reached for an earthquake of magnitude 9,0 and one tsunami that International Agencies of Notice had according to left 23 a thousand dead or missing people, not yet was controlled, and the workers had been forced to abandon the complex when a black smoke started to emerge of one of the six reactors. Until the closing of this article already he had more than ten a thousand died and about dezessete a thousand missing people leading the Japanese authorities to calculate that the number of victims will have to surpass the house of died twenty and five a thousand. Source of consultations: Agencies of Notice AFP (France Presse Agency), Reuters, EFE, The Associated Press (AP), BBC Brazil, iG (Last Second) Kiodo of Japan, Brazil Agency, Nets of Television News Globe, Band News, Record News, NET TELEVISION GLOBE (open canal), CNN in Spaniard and periodical reading Leaf of So Paulo, the State of So Paulo, the GLOBE and sites R7, G1, UOL, Estado, enter others. Bibliographical references: Register April 2008, 38 edition, Cultural April, referring page to Japan.

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