Internal Auditors

Against the backdrop of this situation a slim and low-cost quality system, was developed by the Association of IT-Mittelstand now the VDEB ISO 9001-Federation certificate, which is rightly cut exactly on the economic situation of small – and medium-sized IT companies, however based on the recognized series of standards DIN EN ISO 9000 ff, in accordance with national and international standards in compliance with the statutory regulations. It uses the Federated certification but synergy between IT companies involved and focuses on the essential business processes. That’s why the VDEB Federation certification is synonymous with lean-QM. A central quality management system is to the introduction of the quality management system first developed in close coordination with the participating companies, which is suitable for all partners. This is done on the basis of contractual agreements between the branches and the Association of IT-Mittelstand.

While the confidentiality of all information are assured. The overall aim is to the core processes identify. Core processes are such processes, which are similar to companies due to their affiliation with the IT industry. Only these basic processes are shown in the documents and binding set. This streamlined quality management system is checked for the audit. The work required is reduced so drastically.

Steps include the training of Internal Auditors, development of the Central pattern documentation, consulting appointments in the branches, adapting the necessary QM documentation, Central optimization measures and the introduction of a written audit process to verify the QM systems on-site. Certification is performed after 20 weeks. The other 36 months supervised the first and second surveillance audit, as well as the recertification audit. In particular, the number of Auditierungstage is reduced in this way. The audits by the CA are a challenge in the normal case. Since the Federated certification but all affiliates after the same QM system work in not all individually check the certification authority.

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