Interior Decorating Materials

Materials for the decoration of interiors: cork floor and wall coverings, parquet, laminated flooring, collateral materials, as well as design and skilled installation. Baltic Cork The company has its production of art cork and carries out direct deliveries cork floors from Portugal. The company works with all regions of Russia. Special wear different cork floors covered with the front side with a thin layer of transparent medical vinyl. These are intended to cover the cork finishing facilities with high traffic volume – airports, banks, offices, hotels and restaurants. Orthopedic effect of relieving support – human locomotion. Cork – an environmentally friendly material, not rotting like wood. It does not touch the bugs and rodents, do not destroy the fungus.

Cork remain unchanged operating in a residential area lacquered cork – 5 years. Vinyl flooring has a high rate of wear and has a lifetime warranty for 10 years. Cork – one of the most popular items modern office equipment. Perfectly helps to organize the work, gives a guarantee on cork boards, that information will not be lost or missing. Pinboards are made from natural fine not colored cork due to what the surface of the board does not crumble and preserve its elasticity almost indefinitely. Frame made of anodized aluminum or MDF, a board gives an elegant look. All cork board (except for the cork board '2 x3 'in the box StarBoard) are extremely convenient mounting system lets you put it on the wall, both horizontally and vertically.

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