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Medical insurance in Miami. hope for the Obama Plan? We find many people on a daily basis in our work as agents of health insurance, that manifested us openly that they are waiting for improvements or reforms of the plan delPresidente Obama to have insurance Medico.todos are entitled to make it.United States is a country of choices and there emanates from his greatness. But desgraciadamentela health in the United States is not one option more like buying a car or a cell phone. Health is a priority and is demonstrated in practice that not having health coverage brings big consequences. We do not distrust in procedures to implement the reforms to the health system. Because in good lid although we devote to this activity also we are patient and we need these services and above all premium in us the desire to help people rather than the financial support that we receive.

We know that something positive will leave those found debates and discussions. But the fact of the matter is beyond of our expectations and possibilities. Things unfortunately cannot be resolved from one day to another and in addition political content involving the reform of the health system will also be him now the administrative element. Which means that even when something is approved, its implementation will take a long time. It is required for each of the instances and States to generate methods or procedures that legislate at Barcelona and statewide levels established by health reform. Do as also on the way is possible may arise other complications of a bureaucratic nature, what you want to say that while both that? Do you intend to do? Do you expect to go to the hospital Jacksoncomo many you say? Incidentally, know what happened in these days with regard to the economic situation of the Jackson, related to the budget in order to operate and maintain the levels of attention of yesteryear.

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